So, just what is 21qtrs?

21quarters is an experiment, a construct, and a container for learning about stuff and things. This is a very vague description that basically means it can be about anything. This is purposeful as we use it to test and learn about the topics that we'll be talking about. It can also be shortened to 21qtrs.

21 quarters is 5 and a quarter years, which is approximately the time that it takes to truly learn something. I think there is a generalization (controversial or not) that it takes 10,000 hours to master anything, and if we account for a full work week as ~37 hours, that's close to 5.25 years. It kinda fits...¯\_(ツ)_

Fun fact, it is also the number of quarter inches for a five-and-a-quarter inch floppy disk (5.25" - go maths!). At the risk of aging myself, I was feeling nostalgic when I was picking names and that's how this site started.

To start off with, posts will likely be few and far between, but I hope to ramp it up as time allows and topics increase. Looking forward to throwing stuff into the internet and maybe (probably not) getting some discussions going with you all!